Yi Shu Ge is the new partner of CLCCL for Culture


Yi Shu Ge is officially the new partner of CLCCL for ensuring a great support in Cultural sharing practice and events. Teaching already Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese painting among 30 partners in China, Yi Shu Ge offers the garanty of the highest quality level. Come and join the CLCCL...

CLCCL attended the 15th. Anniversary of the University of Luxembourg


CLCCL attended the 15 years Anniversary celebration of the Luxembourg University. A real emotion, knowing, and remembering the whole investment since years from the very beginning to help the University of Luxembourg to set up the Confucius Institute. CLCCL really wishes that this constructive work will bear its fruits...



The CLCCL expo photo “Amazing China” is currently visible at LALUX Assurances General Agency THAI Quan at Soleuvre until end of the year. 

YCT and HSK 2018


Dear all here are the official results of the 9th. of June International Chinese Level Exam (HSK & YCT) held in Luxembourg and organised by CLCC  184 students and adults attended the 8 levels covered by the exams. The results show again the quality of the CLCCL preparation given to the...

Open Day in Lycée NIC-BIEVER – LNB


The Open Day promoting Chinese Courses at Lycée Nik-Biever took place on 21st. of September in Dudelange. An obvious growing interest coming from the numerous demands of the students and specially regarding the CLCCL Exchange Program.    

Chinese Language & Culture competition


17 CLCCL‘s students were attending the « Chinese Language & Culture » competition in Luxembourg University which was organised by Confucius Institute Luxembourg. Three of CLCCL students won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd price. 3rd Price: Guo, Zhao Na. 2nd Price: Zhang,Zi Qi. 1st price: Li, Ji‘Ou and Ruan,...

Chinese Bridge International Competition


10 CLCCL‘s students were attending the 11th Chinese Bridge International Competition. Mona Volmich won the 3rd price, Bianca Volmich won the 2nd Price. They will represent Luxembourg in China for the next competition. The president of CLCCL is proud to be the only one to prepare its students for...