General Election Information Event


As the cooperation between Luxembourg and China grew closer over the last decade, the number of Chinese settlers in Luxembourg rose. From the earliest group of Chinese nationals who came to Luxembourg in the early 1970s, the number has since increased to nearly 5,000 Chinese. Many have integrated very well into the Luxembourgish society.

In order to help the newly arrived Chinese expatriates understand and participate in the legislative elections in Luxembourg, we invited Mrs Na SHI-BIC, the head of the Asian department of the National Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg, to give a presentation on the national elections to interested expatriates on the 30th September. Mrs Na SHI-BIC introduced in an easy understandable way Luxembourg’s elective system, the setting of electoral districts, voting, etc., interspersed with little jokes that kept the interest of the audience high. Representatives from different political parties were invited as well to have a face-to-face exchange with the Chinese participants.