China-Luxembourg Exchange program

China-Luxembourg Exchange program

Why an exchange

• Without the practice the language remains only theoretical and is therefore not a living process.
• A good practical experience gives motivation to learn the language.
• The language is the soul and the key of a culture.
• The students in Luxembourg will play later on a role on the international scene.
• China is an important contact and a cooperation’s partner for Luxemburg and for Europe.

A fundamental building block

• Aimed at students and teachers.
• Promotes not only the language but also helps to gain knowledge about culture, history, politics and economy.
• Allows in addition to the learning process to weave international friendships.

The basic program frame

• Schedule program in 2 weeks: the first week consists in learning at the partner school, the second week is a cultural tour.
• Delegation: around 20 to 25 students and teachers.
• Close partnership between students:  they will also spend a weekend at the partner students home sharing their life.

Historical perspective

In January 2013, CLCCL coordinated successfully the first Exchange and welcomed the Delegation from China in the Lycée Ermesinde for an intensive 2 weeks learning program with a big choice of different cultural activities.

How to participate

The China-Luxembourg exchange program is set up by Centre de Langue et de Culture Chinoises du Luxembourg, Lycée Ermesinde and Shanghai Foreign Language High School affiliated to Shanghai Normal University.
The base in China is the Shanghai Foreign Language High School affiliated to Shanghai Normal University and the base in Luxembourg is the Lycée Ermesinde.
In Luxembourg the chance to participate is given to all Lycée Ermesinde and CLCCL’s students and teachers, and to their partner schools or other organizations envolved in a special project related to the culture exchange program.

The Exchange Programme 2018-2019 : Beijing-Xi’An.
The Exchange Programme 2017-2018 : Shanghai, the Silk Road.
The Exchange Programme 2016 : Shanghai, Wuyishan and Xiamen.
The Exchange Programme 2015 : Guilin, Hangzhou, Longji and Li river cruise.
General movie about the Exchange Programme.
The Exchange Programme 2014 : Chinese Delegation visiting Luxembourg.
The students of the Shanghai Foreign Language High School affiliated to the Shanghai Normal University are performing a dancing show on Chinese music.