I entered the Chinese school when it was first opened. Being only 9 years old, I was a little skeptical about learning a new language. But soon I realized how fun it was and how much joy I got from making new friends whom, after all these years, I still have contact with.  Apart from giving me access to the Chinese language and culture, the Chinese school also allowed me to find a part of myself.  Having a multinational background with German, Italian and Chinese ancestors, while living in Luxembourg, it has always been difficult for me to understand where exactly I come from, where I belong to and who i am.  The Chinese school helped me discover and appreciate my Chinese roots. It soon made me realize that i’m also a part of the Chinese community.

I only have good memories of my time there and I recommend going there to anyone who is interested in China or its language. Especially the summer camps and exchange programs present a great opportunity to improve our acquired skills in Chinese while having lots of fun. There is no better way to widen your horizons in this field than by experiencing the culture first hand.




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I got more confident in expressing myself and learned a variety   of useful vocabulary. This class taught me a skill  that I could effectively apply in practice. The materials presented in the course were very useful for everyday communications at work on a professional level. Above all this class helped me become more aware of my weaknesses and also gave me tools to strengthen them. I recommend this course to any person that is willing to improve oral communication as well as to develop better understanding of the Chinese business culture.




















Since the language is taught in a very creative way, using for example various methods to learn the vocabulary, you don’t have to put that much effort in it. Moreover, it’s more like a hobby, than having an other language lesson.

 CLCCL: What kind of benefit did you get out of this and was it fitting your expectation?





Yes, I got to visit China a few years ago, which was a great and amazing experience. Something, that I thought would not possible until I was much older. 

CLCCL: Would you recommend the course to someone else?





Absolutely yes, Chinese is the most spoken language in the world and thereby one of the most important. Living in Luxembourg, I assume everyone can speak more than one language. So adding one won’t hurt, just try, you have nothing to lose.










The most benefit I got out of this course is to meet other young Chinese people living in Luxembourg as well as in other parts of the world. My classmates from Chinese School have become real friends and meeting other teenagers in the language camps in China made experience the solidarity between 花钱 which means foreign Chinese people.

I did not have any great expectations because my parents ‘forced’ me to go there when I was 6. But going to Chinese school was always a pleasure because I could see my friends weekly.


CLCCL: Would you recommend the course to someone else?




I think every teenager who has ‘Chinese roots’ should at least try to understand where they come from, what culture has coined their ancestors and they should try to learn the Chinese language which is a great part of the Chinese heritage. It is also important for them to learn Chinese so that they can communicate properly with their family in China or elsewhere.

Moreover, in our global society, the Chinese economy becomes more important day by day. Knowing the Chinese language can be a big bonus on your CV if you are studying economics, politics or international relations.




HARMONY is the keyword to qualify the CLCCL New Year’s party organized by Director Zhang Yi, where the teachers, kids and committee’s members can make their Jiâozi before to get them cooked by Chinese master chief.