Tea Ceremony Workshop


On 20th January 2024, a unique tea culture activity was held at the Chinese Language and Culture Centre in Luxembourg. Ms Zhou Wenjin from the Publicity and Education Department of the National Chinese Tea Museum gave a lively explanation of the history of Chinese tea, and Ms Chen Xinnan, Senior Tea Artist, gave a personal interpretation of the tea ordering techniques of the Song Dynasty, which allowed the students to experience the charm of Chinese tea culture and enjoy the aroma and flavour of tea that has been passed down for thousands of years.

Tea ordering from the Song Dynasty is one of the traditional methods of making tea in China, and is an important part of Chinese tea culture. The tea ordering procedure is unique and elaborate. The students also used the tea powder to write and draw pandas, mountain peaks, flowers and plants on the tea surface … This marvellous experience was a fun reminder of the leisure and elegance of the literati of the Song Dynasty.