21811648625673_.picThe International Association of Story-telling & Story-singing Art (abbreviation: IASA) will launch the “Master Lectures” event in 2022. IASA will invite storytelling and storysinging artists from different countries to give lectures on the representative oral traditional arts of their own countries and nations. IASA and the Chinese Ballad Singers Association (abbreviation: CBSA) will jointly host the first “Master Lecture” event on April 23,2022, which is co-hosted by the Chinese Language and Culture Center of Luxembourg, the Confucius Institute of Trier, Germany, the Confucius Institute of Liege, Belgium, and the University of Bremen, Germany. They will invit Mr. Jiang Kun, president of IASA, president of CBSA and a cross talk artist, to introduce the history and contemporary development of Chinese Quyi.

Quyi is the most popular traditional art in China with a history of more than 2,000 years of inheritance and development. Quyi has bred and passed down nummerous genres and classic works. It is a form of narrating and singing stories in different local dialects, in which the most familiar historical stories, myths and legends and so on are told, heroes are celebrated and emotion is expressed. Three of The Four Great Classical Masterpieces of China, “Journey to the West”, “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” and “Water Margin” are directly dervied from the ancient storyteller’s scripts.