Guzheng Workshop at the Conservatoire


On 2nd May, CLCCL organized a splendid Guzheng workshop, providing students with a valuable opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge and firsthand experience of traditional Chinese musical instruments. With the support of the Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg, which co-organized the event, and the guidance of instructor Liu Yan, this event was a success.

Among the participating students, the majority had already mastered two or more musical instruments but had never encountered the Guzheng before. Filled with curiosity, they eagerly approached this ancient Chinese instrument with its rich history and mystical charm. During the workshop, instructor Liu Yan provided detailed explanations on the historical significance of the Guzheng, tuning techniques, and playful methods. Through hands-on experience, the students felt the enchanting melodies and magical qualities of the Guzheng and gained not only enjoyment but also a profound appreciation for the depth of Chinese culture.

The aim of this workshop was to offer students an opportunity to delve into the charm of traditional Chinese music through practical activities. We hope that similar events will further promote cultural exchange and understanding between Luxembourg and China.