CLCCL students attended the “International Conference of Story-Telling, Story-Singing & Humor Art”


For every country and nation, story-telling and story-singing are the basic forms to keep, spread and develop the classic and legendary literature and art of their own kinds, such as Homer’s Epic in Greece, the Maddalic in Turkey, the Mahabharata in India, Xiangsheng and Suzhou Tanci in China, Manzai and Rokyoku in Japan, etc. In some countries, this kind of narrative art has a long history of more than 2000 years. And till now, it has become one of the most important vehicles of cultures and civilizations.

Invited by International Association of Story-telling & Story-singing Art (a.s.b.l.) , 7 represent students of CLCCL attended to the conference. Not only the fluent Chinese of the artists amazed the students, but also the variety of performances and forms are even more fascinating for students! The artists have won small fans, and our school is looking forward to the sprouting of this artistic seed. Chinese is not only calligraphy and knowledge on the paper, but also a big joy that can be touched!