China Chopsticks Business group & Hurun Report presented Award to President ZHANG Yi


On Thursday evening, the China Chopsticks Business Group in Luxembourg, together with the Hurun Report and supported by AMCHAM, held its annual dinner at the Alvisse Parc Hotel in Luxembourg-Dommeldange which comprised an address and awards, as well as a networking reception and dinnerAwards

For the first time at the annual dinner event, on behalf of The Hurun Report, Rupert Hoogewerf presented a number of awards to recipients, most of whom were there in person, recognising outstanding contributions in cross-border collaboration with China. These included:

A Future Star award was given to Zhang Yi, Director of the Centre de Langue et de Culture Chinoises du Luxembourg (CLCCL), for services to cultural understanding. Since 24 years, Mrs. ZHANG YI, President of CLCCL was permanently promoting the culture and was the pioneer to create, develop and sustain the bridge between Luxembourg and China.

She was also developing the exclusive exchange program between the two countries. Many students and teachers are travelling through China and Luxembourg each year using the partners Lycées associated to this program.